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Say Goodbye to the Tena Lady!
So you think you are strong?


Bladder Issues
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Say Goodbye to the Tena Lady!

Do you have a weak Bladder? 

Do you sneeze and Pee?

Do you wear incontinence Pads?

All theses things and more can be helped in the Holistic Core Restore Everywoman Program.  This is 6 week exercise based Fitness Session designed to give you confidence in movement, to eliminate any woops moments.

The course is not just about the exercise you will learn ways through diet and nutrition, relaxation and breathing how to improve any issues you may have.

If you are already reaching for the Tena Lady pads,  this is common BUT it is NOT Normal, you can help yourself be continent and confident.


Heat and Exercise

During the heatwave it has become a bit of a chore to stay cool! As many of you already know I feel hot in the middle of Winter.... So to be able to teach in this heat a few things have been implemented.

1/ Flannels and plenty of them Frozen overnight then placed into a cool bag to take to class.

2/ Fans, Working out outside in the shade.

3/  Sleep..... Wet a T-shirt or a sheet and place it over yourself (not dripping wet)!  If you have a fan blow that on you as well.

4/ Keep all curtains closed all the time.

So you think you are strong?

The body can only be strong if all systems are working effectively and together...

This is why to start with I work on the breath and then add in moves, slowly with control and focus.  If you want to do one thing to improve your body's function it would be to BREATHE! 

Lets starts.... Get comfortable......Close your eyes......Just Breathe.....
Inhale and Exhale..... With each Inhale try to focus on filling your ribs breathing wide and full (lateral Thoracic Breathing) slowly count to 5 as you Inhale and 5 as you Exhale,  get the feeling of fullness.
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